When I dream I dream of being separated from a dream, I dream a dream that isn’t mine, I dream dreams without me in them.

A duet for a lone woman and her iPhone, Gobbledygook is a tour de force solo performance that examines the apparatuses our lives are filtered through; the mess of signal, frequency and wire. By turns comic and introspective, this work plays out a series of fragmented scenes: a battle with Fruit Ninja, an unwelcome conversation with Mum and Dad, a strange dream.

Gobbledygook irreverently tackles the core of contemporary anxiety: is anyone listening?

Written and devised by Mark Rogers and Aileen Huynh
Director Mark Rogers
Performer Aileen Huynh
Lighting Design Joseph Parro
Composition/Sound Design Liam Halliwell & Jordan Thompson
Dramaturg Sanja Simic

Presented by Bodysnatchers in association with PACT centre for emerging artists for the Sydney Fringe Festival, 2011.

Presented at AC Arts, Adelaide for the 2012 Fringe Festival.