They were eyes.
I thought they were eyes.
No, they were definitely eyes.
In a laneway just across from me.
It was really dark, so they stood out.
Two yellow, glowing eyes.

This is the story of a woman in a suburban park. It is a story containing a terrifying truth; monsters are real. Conspiracy theorist Kirby Medway has spawned this narrative, an eyewitness account of a life-changing supernatural visitation. Encounter is an attempt to stage the impossible: a sci-fi/horror tale of which HP Lovecraft would be proud.

Writer Kirby Medway
Director Sanja Simic
Sound Design/ Composition SNOWY
Technician Solomon Thomas
with Mark Rogers, Lucy Heffernan, and Solomon Thomas

First performed at Woodcourt Art Theatre sharehouse in Marrickville, 2013. Featuring performers Anthea Savage and Liam Halliwell.

Presented by Tuxedo Cat at The Coffee Lounge, Adelaide for the 2014 Fringe. Featuring performers Gretchen Habermann and Solomon Thomas.

Presented by Bodysnatchers and Woodcourt Art Theatre in association with La Mama Theatre for the 2016 Midsumma Festival.